Andrew eyes. John added some final touches

Andrew Tieu
Ms. Hollingsworth
English Honors 2
15 January 2018
A Cup of Hot Chocolate
It wasn’t like every other day in Paris. It was the first day of winter and France was
beginning to snow in the mountain tops. John wasn’t the smartest boy compared to his
schoolmates. It was one of the few reasons why nobody enjoyed his presence. He had freckles,
bright orange hair, and pointy ears with acne, a look only his father, who passed away a week
ago, would compliment.
There, in front of his house, in the snow he sat with a beanie wrapped around his head, a
nice, thick, puffy jacket, and trousers. While all the other schoolboys played dodgeball, John
chose to exclude himself. Hour after hour, he curled his toes in the snow in an area in front of his
house on the mountain tops where years ago he and his father would play. Times were getting
lonely and John decided to bring a friend to life. He patted and rolled through the snow forming
three spheres. He stacked them on top of each other, added a stick he found forming a nose, drew
in a mouth, and added two pebbles for eyes. John added some final touches by tracing a heart on
the soon-to-be-snowman’s chest.
Suddenly, John’s snowman friend swirled to life, knocking John face-first into the snow.
The snowman appeared confused but then spotted John and with a blush and gleaming eyes
squaled, “You must be my creator! The boy who gave me a heart!”
Tieu 2
“It’s alive. . .” John responded as he climbed up. “Hello! I will call you after my father
John grinned like he never grinned before. Someone was there for him in his darkest
times. It felt like a week ago when John had someone to play with. And so they did. Three hours
passed like nothing. The two played tag, dodgeball, and hide-and-go-seek.
“Wait here, Leo. I’m gonna get some hot chocolate, just the way you liked it.” John
John came back with a steaming kettle. “I forgot to bring cups. Be right back.”
“Alright! Haha! Quickly so we can continue our game of dodgeball.”
John rushed inside his house and came out with two cups. When he came back, he only
saw a puddle where Leo was once standing next to the steaming kettle of hot chocolate. The
beautiful father-like snowman Leo once knew was now a puddle.
“Leo?” weeped John.