Andorra in diplomatic relations with other countries. For

Andorra is one of the most unique countries in the world.It only has 175 square miles to call its own, which is less than half the size of New York City.Andorra is located in a valley of the mountains between France and Spain.From it being located between the mountains in the valley Andorra has been cut off from most of the other world.Its boundaries have changed little since the Middle Ages.Along with that Andorra's legal system dates back to the Roman Era in some ways.The national language of Andorra is Catalan, but most people there also can speak French and Spanish.
Two main people rule Andorra.They are the President of France and the Spanish Bishop.These two are referred to as the Princes of Andorra.These two "Princes" have to share equal power over Andorra.They must agree on any political, administrative, or judicial system changes that are going to be made.Each of them also sends an advisor to run the police system and to be a judge for the criminal court.With two rulers , French and Spanish, Andorra has two of every thing.They have French and Spanish schools, post offices, and currency, but France has to represent Andorra in diplomatic relations with other countries. For all their effort, in the 1200's a treaty was signed that every other year Andorra has to pay the French President $2.00 and the Spanish Bishop $8.00, 6 hams, 6 cheeses, and 12 hens.The country is also divided in to six parishes.Male citizens over the age of 25 can vote for four representatives from these parishes who decide on local matters.However these decisions have to go through the President and the Bishop, if they wish they could veto any proposal at any time.
Most of the 15,000 people of Andorra are farmers or shepherds.The land that they use to let their animals graze and to plant crops is usually handed down through the family.The Andorrans that plant crops mainly plant tobacco.Many pe…