Analyzing economy class ticket passengers as well as

Quality Management Issues


            Total quality management
is needed as customer satisfaction is the target for many business companies. Businesses
also live and go by taking in consideration two important elements: firstly:
customer needs that should be fully satisfied so they stay loyal to the brand
and help in increasing their income and prosper for a brighter future, and
secondly: feedback from employees as they feel that they part of the company
and that they have their own value.

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            In the case of Emirates’
airlines, the fare problem, they cost people a lot in order for them to be on
this well known airline but, in the same time not all passengers get good
quality services in the lounge or at least those who choose the economy tickets.
This leads to customers moving and changing into different airlines. Moreover,
pilots are also not getting good services at their lounge which make them also
go to another company.


So, in my opinion, its better if
Emirates’ airline focus more on economy class ticket passengers as well as the
first class or business class passengers. Aim to reach and fulfill their
satisfaction more easily for a better outcome. Get more feedback from employees
and pilots, listen to them, give them their value, and apply the reward system
so that the quality could be further improved.

At the end, the process of quality
management is a life long process and companies should be more determined to
reach better results and high income and benefits for the aim of success.





is a management philosophy, which includes and integrates all business,
processes and systems of an organization, creating a quality culture that
requires from the employees to be involved in each and every step and that
their feedbacks regarding any obstacles are well heard so that good quality is
assured. Thus, to create an organization dedicated to the customer to obtain
long-term excellence. Therefore, we can say that TQM is a model of
organizational culture that directs its attention to the customers, its needs,
and ways to reach maximum satisfaction. Thus, making TQM a essential,
necessary, important sector in the world of business these days.