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The chosen ad on a denotative level, features a woman, perhaps in her mid-20's to early 30's, holding a sign that is used for police photographs of criminals. Her expression reveals that she is not too happy, and directly beneath her, is a Francesco Biasia Handbag. Behind the person is a black background, and behind the handbag, is a red background. Now on a connotative level, the caption, (Which is "She just had to have it"), and the juxtaposition of these two images both help to interpret this ad. Because of those two factors, it seems to suggest that this seemingly innocent girl would do ANYTHING to acquire this supposedly great product. This of course includes breaking the law to get it. The background surrounding the woman, would connotatively suggest that she is GUILTY of something because of the fact that it is black. Also, the red background in the bottom image showcasing the handbag, suggests that this object is something of DESIRE. In using these two particular colors, the advertisers illustrate even further what they want you to believe, because of that of which these colors are most often associated.For instance, people regularly associate black with guilt, dirty deeds or things that which are considered to be wrong, or illegal, etc. Whereas, red would normally be associated with lust, desire, passion, and that are precisely what the advertisers want you to do, lust for this object. (This woman certainly did, so much so that she risked going to JAIL for it.)
This ad is directed towards female consumers, mainly because largely women purchase the product. (Though there have been a few exceptions in the past.) The ad seems to hail not only females, but also a specific age group, (Those probably around the same age of the woman.), and someone who could probably afford the product, even though the person in the ad had to resort to shoplifting.
The image, in which this ad portrays women, is not parti…