An Overview of the plays Your Handsome Captain and Stuff

Looking at what you experience during the fall, the word tradition comes to mind. People tendto stick with what they've established over the years for their personal entertainment, if being going out to the movies, football games, or the party scene. Its time for you to break outside of your comfortable bubble you've made for yourself and experience a night of theater at the Drake Center with the cast of Your Handsome Captain & Stuff. An experience that will take you on a journey of love,heartache, laughter, and astonishment.
Your Handsome Captaina play written by Simone Schwarz-Bart which dramatizes the unyielding trauma of exile and the subtleties of patriarchal domination. Your Handsome Captain uses the theme of only needing the bare essentials to create a memorable play the choice of propsandcustoms used weren't extravagant but, they kept with the theme of the play. Mrs. Baptiste wears the clothing of a every day woman of Haiti while Mr. Baptiste enters the stage wearing working clothes, this shows us the poverty that Mrs. Baptiste lives in, while it reminds us the whole time why Mr. Baptiste left was to work so that they can have a better life.
A tape player to one might just be another object that holds no significant value, but for the Baptiste's its there source of communication between them there way of expressing to each other how they feel and how it all begins. Mrs. Baptiste sends a tape to her husband in Guadeloupe telling him how everything is going good back in Haiti, the tone in her voice sets an underlying question of is she holding something back from her husband. During the playing of the tape Mr. Baptiste keeps quite you notice many facial and body expressions. She begins to tell him how everything is in Haiti, then begins to sing to him a song that she did when he was with her back in Haiti. Listening to her it seems as Mr. Baptiste is now relaxed