Amida’s he has a lot of little balls

Amida's body is rounded and a little bit fat that emphasis on realistic detail and body weight.This statue's color is brown. It is made by wood with traces of polychrome. His face is very rounded and serene. His eyes are very narrow and long. It is half closed as if he is looking down people quietly. His eyebrow is as long as his eyes and it is as narrow as his eyes.On his head, he has a lot of little balls instead of hair. He has very long ears that are almost down to his chin line.His mouth is closed tight. He has thick lips.He sits on the floor with his legs crossed each other. This statue does not have arms. (I guess it came off.) He wears something like Kimono (Traditional Japanese cloth) but it is very thin and almost like a silk bathrobe. This robe is open and you can see his well-fed chest and stomach. Also you can see his fat neck. On his forehead, there is one dot. He has pointed nose compare to other typical Asian.
First of all, Amida is the Buddha who presides over the Western Paradise where the souls of devout Buddhists reside after death. I believe that the artist, Koei Unkei IX, made this Amida to help people out from busy life. When I see this Amida, I feel like I have to clam down even if I am upset. As you know, there are many things going on our life everyday and sometimes you need help to support you mentally. And it can not be done by human beings. It has to be bigger than that human can do. It is sort of magic, miracle or phenomenon.
Amida is God for Buddhists. This sculpture was made to Unkei's wish to come true. As he sculpted this statue, he was making a wish. So that when people look at this work, you feel like you want to thank for what you have got right now and think about others as well as yourself. The more people start to think about others, the more this living life will be the better place for us.
This Amida has rounded face and body. He seems