American affected their everyday lives. As an American

American and Mexican youth have many views, both similar and different, on important current day issues.Some of the major issues discussed were the environment, marriage, relationships and friendships, abortion, religion, goals and aspirations.My predictions for the Mexican youth's views were based upon different stereotypes, which were substantially wrong.Although many issues are debatable, I was surprised at how many resources they had, and how much it affected their everyday lives.
As an American youth, I am lucky to live in an environment that is not excessively abused.I cannot ponder what it is like to live in Mexico City.Where one of the everyday issues is the massive amount of pollution, they have and produce.The pollution is terrible because Mexico City is located in a valley, and has an excessive amount of factories.Many Mexican youth described the effects of the pollution on their bodies, and how their lifestyles have to adapt.The thought that going outside can be life threatening is hard to comprehend.One thing that is in common with Mexican youth is the motivation to make Earth a cleaner place to live.
Mexican youth have many major decisions early in their life.Many of the youth in Mexico have to choose what they will do in life by the end of middle school.They choose if they want to get married right after middle school or go on to high school, which usually leads onto college.Making a decision that big at age, thirteen determines what road they will go down for the rest of their life.This is really different for American youth.We go all the way to high school before we commit ourselves to those kinds of decisions.
Mexican families are very traditional.The families tend to stay together and are with each other frequently.In addition, they have a low percent of divorces in Mexico, fewer than ten percent.Many American youth have to face divorce frequently in their families….