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The struggle for independence of any nation is and should always be anchored on the sovereign will of the people.The American Revolution was predicated under this particular assumption, that being the manifestation of the sovereign's will or the right to revolution would be invoked by the people under an oppressive regime.This right was enshrined in the US Constitution and serves as the benchmark of democratic ideals.This is the driving force of any revolution.
The American Revolution was propelled by the consolidated will of the people from the grassroots, those belonging to small towns and villages.People banding as one despite their differences in beliefs to think of peaceful means or involving arms to change their government which they believe is not working for their interest.This ideal is relevant up until this day as governments are conscious of their policies because the people are watching every decision and action they take.If they do not meet the people's expectations, government can be changed through the due process, i.e. having free election or in the event the due process is curtailed, a revolution would be the last recourse.
One important ingredient in calling for change is finding a common cause to serve as a rallying point for the people.In the case of the American Revolution, the abusive taxation leveled on the colonies by the British government acted as seeds of dissent in the hearts of the colonial settlers.The thirteen colonies settled in America to escape the conservative administration of the British monarchy, they wanted to freely practice their religion and to pay lesser taxes.
But as the British waged their wars against the French, they need more funds and the Americans are tapped for to fulfill this particular need.The British government implemented navigation laws to regulate the follow of trade between Britain and the American colonies by a substantial increase in tariffs….