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The definition of Civilized is a controlled community and the respect for others. A civilized person would respect someone by treating them as a human being and as fairly as they would like to be treated themselves. In the song "I Have Killed The Deer" and the stories La Relacion and Before They Got Thick, the characters were civilized.In The Interesting Narrative of the like of Olaudah Equiano, uncivilized characters were displayed. The white men treated Equiano in a brutal and cruel way. Equiano was not respected in the least; he was pushed around and put in unpleasant conditions. The whites treated Equiano unfairly by beating him, and in the future Equiano was headed for slavery, which shows the whole community was not civilized.
In the song " I Have Killed The Deer", the speaker was civilized. He killed the deer and other animals only so he could survive. He wasn't uncivilized because when he died his body was returned to the circle of life. The song states, " When I die I must give life to what has nourished me. So the circle of life is never broken."He's saying, nature provided him with nourishment so when he dies he wants to give his body so that he can nourish the earth (nature). The man in the story respected nature and only took what he needed to survive. However, he returned all he could when he died. The man telling the story respected nature because he was kind enough to help out nature after nature had helped him.
In the story Before They Got Thick the people acted in a civilized way. When the white men came to the Island, the community together decided not to kill them off. The community was controlled enough to decide together what should be done. After a year went by, the Indians decided to go check on the whites. When they got there they saw they were starving to death. The Indians had enough respect for the whites to bring them pumpkin seeds and corn to help them…