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The main actors and their characters they played are: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Tom
Hulce Antonio Salieri – Murray Abraham Mozart's dad – Roy Dotrice Mozart's wife – Elizabeth
Berridde Emperor Joseph II – Jeffery Jones Milos Forman – Director The movie " Amadeus" was
based on two composers, Mozart and Salieri. In the begging of the movie Salieri tries to commit
suicide. A priest comes to see Salieri to ask him if he has anything to confess. Salieri then begins
to unravel the story of Mozart and Salieri's life together.
Mozart has been a great composer since he was four years old. Salieri on the other hand
not as good and would never be as good as Mozart. In the movie you can see how jealous Salieri
is of Mozart. Salieri's father was against him playing music, and on the other end Mozart's
father praised it and insisted on it. Salieri wanted to play music more than anything in the world.
One day while in church, Salieri asks God to let him be a great composer and in return he would
give him his chastity and write for God. The next day Salieri's father died and this was a miracle
in Salieri's eyes. His family had to go to Vienna where Salieri then became discovered. Salieri
worked his way up to the courts and was the Emperor's composer. Mozart was to perform for the
Emperor, when Salieri got news of this he grew anxious to meet the great composer. He wanted
to see what this marvelous composer looked like with all the talent he possessed.
The story then goes on about Mozart composing operas and pieces for the Emperor.
and more Salieri was growing to hate Mozart, because he was not as good and realized he would
never be. In the middle of the movie Mozart finds out that his father has died. This slowly kills
Mozart, he can't write, he drinks more and more, and his relationship with his wife is suffe…