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All around the world car collectors dream of having these fabulous cars added to their collection.What car? A lamborghini The driver hits the pedal and the car leaps forward. This particular car can reach the speed of 220 miles per hour and an acceleration rate of 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds!!!!What  car you may ask? It is a lamborghini.It all started on April 28, 1916 in Italy, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born to poor grape farmers. When he grew up, he had the choice of keeping the family job as a  grape farmer or take the risky choice of joining the industrial business. He chose to work in the industry business and also decided to study mechanics. When he finished he opened a short lived garage. Then, World War II started and he was a mechanic for Italy until the Germans took them all prisoners. With the permission of the Germans he started another short lived garage. When the germans noticed how well Ferruccio worked on cars they forced him to work for them. When the Allied forces took over they also made him work for them. After the war, Ferruccio had gained a lot of knowledge from being a mechanic of both the Allied and the Axis forces. He was then struck with a brilliant idea to build tractors using old military vehicles. He ended up making a groundbreakingly cheap tractor. He got so rich making tractors he decided to pursue his dream of buying sports cars. The Ferrari he bought had so much engine trouble that he brought it to Enzo Ferrari himself. Enzo insulted Ferruccio. Ferruccio took this as a challenge and decided to make a better exotic car companie. 1973 was a troubled time for Lamborghini, the stock market crashed making it harder to sell cars. On top of that the OAPEC (Organization Of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries) greatly raised the price of fuel, making it hard for car companies. Then a supply of 5000 tractors to Bolivia was cancelled. He finally had to sell part of Lamborghini to outside investors in order to keep his business from bankruptcy. Then Ferruccio decided to retire.He sold 41% of the car company to a Swiss businessman, Rene Leimer. A friend of Rene had previously bought the other 51% and hoped to bring the company back together. They failed. The Italian government then sold the car company for $3 million to the Mimran brothers. They to failed to pull Lamborghini back together. They sold the company to Chrysler. They wanted import the luxury car brand to America. They to failed and had to sell it to an Indonesian Conglomerate. They actually managed to partially restore the brand but soon after had to sell it to Volkswagen. They restored the company further and Lamborghini finally took its place back in the luxury car market.It was lamborghinis zodiac sign taurusFerruccio took a huge passion in bullfighting he even named the car miura after  Don Eduardo Miura, a breeder of fighting bulls.After World War II, he had opened a garage and then he was struck with a brilliant idea to modify old axis military vehicle to make tractors.His first tractor came along when he modified an old British Morris engine to run on cheap diesel oil instead of expensive petrol, making a groundbreakingly cheap tractor.He started out with three machinists and soon it grew to 7 then to 30 and could produce 200 tractors per year. Finally he had gained 400 employees and could produce 30 tractors per day.