Algeria long and violent, unlike other nations

Algeria was not like any other colony of France.At one point it was actually a part of the French land itself.Algeria fought a war of independence that was long and violent, unlike other nations that had calm and non-violent revolutions.Algeria's revolutionary timeline is a fascinating one.
Algeria is located in northern Africa.The capital of Algeria is Algiers, which is a coastal city in the northern regions of Algeria.Algeria is a rather large nation, with an approximate size of 3.5 times the size of Texas.Its coastline is about 620 miles long, where its shores touch the Mediterranean Sea, the only body of water that Algeria borders.In 2003, the population was recorded to be about 32,818,500 people.
Algeria has a mostly arid climate, with wet winters and dry summers.The terrain is mostly high plateau and desert, with some mountains, and a narrow, uneven coastal plain.Algeria suffers from 3 main natural hazards: earthquakes, mudslides, and floods in the rainy season.
Algeria does not have a lot of modern technology.There are 2.3 million telephones.Atfirst, this may seem like a lot, but this adds up to the extremely small average of about 5 telephones per 100 people.There are only 33,500 cellular phones for the 32,818,500 people living in Algeria.Algeria has 7.1 million radios and 3.1 million televisions.
Algeria's infrastructure and transportation are not impressive.With only 2,468 miles of railway, 64,622 miles of highway, 13 ports and harbors, 136 airports, Algeria is hardly able to accommodate the needs of the people.One would think that with 998 km of coastland, Algeria would have a couple of waterways.Algeria has no waterways at all, slowing down transport of traded goods to the inner lands.
There is a lot of poverty in Algeria.The amount of money coming from imports is less than the money coming from exports, which is not good for the economy.Algeria wound up this w…