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Throughout history, there have been invasions and occupations.Starting with Alexander The Great, the idea came about that with land came power.The mid 1800's brought about a resurgence of countries, mainly France and England, wanting more land.But unlike the past 400 years where the new land that was added was completely new land inhabited only by uncivilized savages, the land now being added was already inhabited with "civilized" people with their own government.This colonial period lasted for about one hundred to one hundred fifty years and left a lasting impact on the countries that were withdrawn from.Algeria, in North Africa, is one such country.Occupied by the French from 1830 to 1962 life during occupation cast a shadow over what life would be like in Algeria when France would no longer be there.
France invaded Algeria in 1830 under the pretense that the Algerian government had insulted the French consul in Algiers.In reality, the invasion was a ploy by the reinstated French monarchy to revive its domestic popularity.After the invasion of Algiers the French army was sent out to acquire the agricultural land from the Algerian people.When the Europeans began to colonize Algeria, the Algerian people were considered second-class citizens and were often not allowed to participate in the everyday workings of Algeria.The only thing that was offered to the Algerian people from the French was education as Algeria was considered a vital part of France, but more often than not, the Algerian people went unschooled because all the male members of the family had to work to provide for the family.Mandatory service in the French Army was required of the Algerian males, but if they did not report when called upon, usually at the age of 18, they were sent to prison.This subjugation and economic repression lasted
until 1962, and during those one hundred thirty two years many