Alexander the Great lived from 356-323BC. HE WAS KING of Macedonia, conqueror of the Persian Empire, and one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. This man had a plan to make the ultimate empire. He had many plans for this great new culture. He planned to create new city-states, Merge two empires, and be considered as a Divine being.
One of the parts for his three-part plan was to create new cities and rebuild old ones. He succeeded and out did himself in accomplishing this plan. Instead of making a couple of states he made 70 new states. All these states where made in his name and they all honored him. His people also built beautiful monuments for him within his newfound states.
To merge two great and totally different empires is a great task but not for Alexander the Great. He also accomplished this plan for a new beginning with no problem. He had a simple but effective way to bring both empires together. He was to marry a Persian Princess and his generals were also to marry Persian royalty. By doing this they would combine the culture into one great culture.
The last plan that Alexander had was to be known to his followers and half-human, half-Divine. This would set him on a higher level than that of his followers. This was one of the worst plans he had. Not all of his followers believed this and it also disowned his father. Alexander was truly great and succeeded in bringing two empires into one.