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The death of Alexander the Great is still shrouded in mystery to this day.Many historians have made attempts to explain exactly what had happened, but have come to many contrasting conclusions.The undoubted is that Alexander was poisoned, but we do not exactly know why.The most justifiable and believable reasoning for the cause and the events leading up to the death of Alexander the Great are noted to be the murder of his father, his extreme craving for power, and the warning from his tutor and great philosophical teacher Aristotle.
Alexander's parents wanted the best for their son, so they haired the finest tutors.When Alexander was thirteen, he started learning from Aristotle.Aristotle taught him ways of the Greeks, philosophy, politics, plants and animals.The most important lesson that Aristotle taught Alexander was about the'Golden Mean'.At the age of thirteen Aristotle saw the power hungry teen, and tried to teach him about this'Golden mean'.It signifies that there must be a medium, a level of balance between two extremes.He showed him that everything must be taken in moderations.Alexander was reluctant to grasp this concept, and had his mind set on gaining power through conquest. This is one of the aspects that lead up to Alexander's death.Also the death of his father contributed to his downfall.
On July 20, 356 B.C., Olympius, the wife of King Philip the Second of Macedonia, gave birth to a son, and named him Alexander.Alexander respected his father greatly, and idolized his position of power.In June of 336 B.C. when Alexander was twenty years old, his father, King Philip was murdered at the theatre.This tragic event in Alexander's life left him enraged with anger and hate.When Alexander succeeded to the throne of Macedon, he inherited a kingdom which had just come to dominate the affairs of mainland Greece.He was so hurt and at an unease to trust,