Alexander the Great

Alexander the great was born 356 BC in Pella, the Capital of Macedonia to Philip II (king of Macedonia) and Olympias (princess of Epirus, and daughter of king Neoptolemus).Many people consider him to be one of the greatest military geniuses in history 2324 years later.
Even as a young child Alexander showed greatness by taming the horse nobody else was able to ride, Bucephalus.He later named a city after his beloved horse in India near the Hydaspes River where he died in 324 BC.
Alexander was tutored by Aristotle at the age of 13 and was a lover of the Iliad by Homer.It was during this time that he met his lifelong best friend Hephaestion.Many contribute much of Alexander's intellect to Aristotle especially his interest in science, medicine, and philosophy.At the age of 16 Philip left Alexander in charge of Macedonia during his conquest of Byzantium.During this time Alexander fought a Thracian tribe, Maedi by attacking their capital town and driving out the inhabitants, creating a colony of several nations in their region, and naming the town Alexandropolis.At the age of 18 Philip placed Alexander in command of the left wing of his cavalry.In September of 338 BC during the battle of Chaeronea while being greatly outnumbered, Alexander charged against the Thebans and triumphed bringing both Thebes and Athens under Philips rule.In 337-336 BC Philip divorced Olympias, declared war on Persia, and was assassinated.Alexander was then 20 and immediately declared the new king of Macedonia.From the very beginning he established his authority by executing all persons alleged with his fathers assassination as well as all possible rivals and factions that opposed him.Alexander was then confirmed as strategos autocrator (supreme commander).
In 335 BC Alexander began blitz campaigns against the Triballiand Ilyrians.He then marched into Thrace and defeated the Triballi, crossed the Danube and brought the Getae …