Alexander strong army. Now as the general

Alexander the Great was one of the most powerful rulers the world has ever seen.He was also a military genius and, in many ways, a tyrant.This is because of all of the cities and complete empires he destroyed.This military genius never lost a war.He just would not stop.He wanted to conquer until there was nothing left to conquer.In the end, he captured an empire that spanned from Egypt to Eastern Asia, and touched three continents.He achieved all of this success through countless wars from the age of eighteen.
Alexander fought hisfirst battle as a military commander for the Macedonian army, and won this battle easily (Wepman 23).Through this win he established thefirst of many cities to have carried his name.The city was named Alexandropolis.This already showed his genius military tactics at work, but did not gain much recognition because he had only fought half-savage rebels, and Alexander had a very strong army.
Now as the general of his father's, King Philip III, army, he next fought the Greeks at Chaeronea.The Macedonians won the battle.Alexander now had won two battles at the age of eighteen.Alexander's father, the king of Macedonia, was now in control of the Greek Empire because of his son, Alexander.
King Philip then started planning to take over the whole Persian Empire (Wepman 30).Before the King could put his plan into action, he was killed by an assassin.Now Alexander could hold the throne.Hefirst faced some opposition by a few people, but with the entire Macedonian army backing Alexander, he killed who ever opposed his throne.Alexander, now 22, was the King of Macedonia and wanted to fulfill his father's dream of taking over the Persian Empire, as well as conquer the world for himself (Mercer 34).
Alexander'sfirst battle as King was easily won.He marched his army to Thesaly, and they surrendered without a fight.He then went on to capture the pass…