Alexander showed great signs of strength at

Alexander the Great is universally known as being one of the strongest rulers in the history of mankind. He was born into a royal family and showed great signs of strength at a very young age. Some of his accomplishments during childhood dwarfed those of people three times his age. By the time he was in his mid-twenties he had created the most expansive monarchy in the world at that time. Two stories of his power (and more importantly, his wit) have survived through the ages: the taming of the horse Bucephalus, and the un-"tying" of the Gordian Knot.
Alexander was twelve years old when a merchant was in town with a large number of horses for sale. This merchant was attempting to sell one horse in particular to Alexander's dad, King Phillip II, when Alexander took notice. No one, not even the Kings soldiers, could tame the horse. Just when King Phillip was ready to give up on the horse, Alexander told him that HE (a 12 year old), could tame the horse. All of the soldiers laughed at him, but the King knew that his son was special. After making his son agree to purchase the horse if he could not tame him, Phillip agreed to purchase it from the merchant.
Alexander approached the horse slowly. When he reached the reins, he slowly turned the horse's face directly into the sunlight. After leading him slowly for a bit, Alexander quickly hopped onto the back of the great horse to the amazement of everyone around. He then rode the horse with the skill of a great calvaryman. He later explained that he had noticed that the horse was simply afraid of his own shadow. He therefore put the sun in his eyes, so the shadow was behind him. This simple wisdom by such a youngster showed that the world had better be ready!
By the time he had reached age twenty three he was King and commanded a mighty army. During his travels he came into Gordium, famed city of the knot. There was a knot in the center of the city, tying an oxcart …