Alexander that he may have been the son

Alexander The Great has often been referred to as the greatest warrior in history.Alexander was born in 356 B.C. to his parents Phillip II, king of Macadonia and Olympias, a princess of Epirus. Olympias was ambitious, devious and wanted little more in life thatn to ensure her son would be the heir to the throne.It was said that he may have been the son of Zeus, when Olympias was seduced by him in a snake form one night, and Alexander thought of himself as a god.He was tutored by Aristotle, who trained him in many things including rhetoric and philosophy. Alexander was also trained in all forms of war, strategy and management skills that would be required by a ruler.He became a warrior at the age of fourteen, a commander at the age of eighteen, and went on to become ruler at the age of twenty. He was molded from the start for the historical role he would eventually play.Alexander was an exceptionally handsome man, and at one time was believed to be a cross-dresser, with some homosexual tendencies.Although he was a heavy drinker, his health was excellent and he was very athletic.He enjoyed reading, music, and the theater.He had a bumpy relationship with his father, and did not approve of the way Phillip treated his mother.At one point, Philip divorced Olympias and married Cleopatra.It has been speculated that Alexander may have had something to do with his father's death because of the way he treated his mother but, more than likely, it was Olympias herself.Shortly after taking control, Alexander rose to power very quickly.His military career was unprecedented and has never been rivaled by another.He
swept through what we now know as the Middle East with ease.Nation after nation fell to Alexander's mighty armies and his quick thinking.His reign only lasted twelve years but he did more than any other commander.After conquering cities, he would build them up to