What was at once presented to the

What made Alexander III so great?I have been
interested in Alexander III since I learned of in him in the
forth grade.Alexander was a great military and political
genius who should not be forgotten.Many of his actions
have affected us today.That may be hard to believe since
Alexander III was the son of Philip II, king of
Macedonia.Alexander was brought up as the crown prince.
From the begining he was destined to be a great king.His
teacher was none other than Aristotle.Under his tutelage
Alexander acquired a great love for Homer.He was truly a
student of the heroic age.His mother was Olympias until
Philip divorced her for a younger princess.This estranged
Alexander and his father.It became so bad that Alexander
fled.Although, he was later allowed to return, he remained
isolated and insecure until Philip's mysterious
assassination around June 336 BC. Some historians believe
that Alexander played a role in the assassination.This is
all speculation since it happened so many years ago.
After his fathers death Alexander was at once presented
to the army as king.This was huge for Alexander.Winning
its support he at once eliminated all potential rivals to
the crown.He was also able to gain the allegiance of the
Macedonian nobles.That proved easier than what he had to
do to gain the allegiance of the Greeks.The Greeks
rebelled, but Alexander quickly put them down and destroyed
Thebes.With all inside opposition crushed and able to
claim the right as king, Alexander moved to pacify the
neighboring barbarians.After this was accomplished he took
on his fathers war of aggression against Persia, adapting
his slogan of, Hellenic Crusade against the barbarian.
Alexanderfirst defeated the small force defending Anatolia.
He proclaimed freedom for the Greek cities there while
keeping them under tight control.He then took the campaign