Alex some of Alampi’s work, I feel

Alex Alampi Jr., a watercolor artist from Gloucester County, New Jersey, features the people of the Mid-Atlantic region. “Working Portraits,” as he refers to them, are images reminiscent of a simpler time.
Although Alex enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects from the Delaware Bay region and the pastoral countryside where he grew up, his inspiration comes from the people; those individuals who still make a living from the land and waterways in the traditional method of their forefathers. Preserving this timeless way of life is the essence of his art.
A professional artist since 1993, Alex has received many awards for his realistic, transparent watercolors. The past two years he exhibited in the Tidewater Gallery of Easton, Maryland for the Annual Waterfowl Festival. He is an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists and a member of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association in Philadelphia, PA. His artwork is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.
Being from New England, I've always been a fan of lighthouses, because they're all over the coasts of the region. But when I think of lighthouses, I don't normally think of the New Jersey bays and coastline.However, after seeing some of Alampi's work, I feel as though I have already been there and seen them.He captures the shape and environment of the lighthouse and its surrounding so well, it is as though I'm looking out a window rather then at a watercolor painting.