Robert and white.#78 also a very spherical,

Robert Alcott's Luminous Crystals were truly beautiful, amazing works of art.It was myfirst time to an art show and I was able to attend the opening so that made it an even more memorable experience.I was very impressed by his work found it truly beautiful.It was unreal to me that they were all so different but all taken of crystals.It is almost unbelievable that such astonishing colors and variety among the pictures could all be produced from these laboratory grown crystals.
The images vary in just about every aspect possible, but all contain the principles of design along with numerous visual elements.Some of his photographs were filled with every color on the spectrum. For example, # 10 and # 18 contained a variation of every color on the color wheel.They are filled with every vibrant color, and each is easily distinguished from the rest.Then there were others such as # 78 and # 100 that were more of an analogous color scheme using blues, browns, and white.#78 also a very spherical, symmetrical feeling to it. # 27 showcases colors from the cool side of the color wheel.All of Alcott's pictures are beautiful displays of color.Color is the most obvious visual element present in all the photographs but there are others that can be seen as well.
Implied texture was another element that was seen in many of Alcott's works.Some of the paintings appeared to be very smooth and looked like flower petals.# 10 and #27 both had this appearance of petals.# 100 also resembled a flower but it looked more like a dried plant.The texture appeared to be that of straw if you were to touch it.#18 also had texture that you would believe you could touch. # 2 appeared to be representative of a landscape featuring snowy mountains and trees.All of Alcott's photographs are purely abstract but it is still possible that different images would appear to different people.