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Albert Einstein is a famous person who has changes they was society has lives and thought. He was an amazing man who had many famous equations that are amazing in his period of time. He was born in Germany on March 14, 1879. In 1933, he joined the newly created Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He committed him self to there for life and died there in 1955. He is most famous for his mathematical equation E=mc2. This is the theory to the relationship to mass and energy. E=energy (in ergs), M=mass (in grams), C= times the speed of light (centimetres per second) 2= squared. His theory of relativity was a change of thinking and made history
The theory of relativity is quite possible to come across when working with an object moving at constant speed and direction in relation to the observer. However, motion is never the same. There are always variables that will changes the speed and direction, such as wind, water, gravity or a human force like pushing a toy car. Einstein tried to apply relativity to motion in general, not just too constant motion.
The theory says that measurements of distance and the measuring of time, change, depending on the where the person who is measuring is. The speed of light is always the same. There is another theory that says that, as an object approaches the speed of light, its mass increases. No object can move at the speed of light, for then its mass would be infinite. Relativity also says that a moving clock runs slower than a clock at rest. Yet another principle is that the length of a speeding object becomes shorter the faster it moves. The theory states that time is based on the movement of the observer, and that when in motion time slows down and moving objects shorten. The theory of relativity changed the way that scientists viewed objects in motion.
Einstein’s biggest help or worse contribution to modern society is the atomic bomb. Some countries are worr