For European country.The purpose of this paper is

For many years, foreign travel to and from Albania was severely restricted.Although the country has been a tourist destination for Europeans for several years, the majority of people in the United State still know very little about this Eastern European country.The purpose of this paper is to discuss the geography, people, government and economy of Albania and to provide facts and information about this fascinating country.
Albania is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and is surrounded on its northern, eastern, and southern sides by Yugoslavia, Kosova, Maqedonia, and Greece.( country is less then 80 Km (40 miles) across the Adriatic from Italy.( Albania has broad access to the sea.Its coastline has two main features: the flatter dection of the area along the Adriatic and the mountainous part of the land that borders the Ionian Sea.Albania is known as one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, with a man altitude quarter then 700 meters (2.300 feet) above sea
level.The weather is cool in winter and hot in summer with a small numbers of cloudy days.
Albania has population of 3.3 million ( 312.00 of these people live in Tirana, the country's capital and largest city. (Background).Three major religions are practiced in Albania.Seventy percent of the people are Muslim; twenty percent are Orthodox; and ten percent are Catholic. (Background).Albania is the official state language (Tosk is the official dialect). (Background).Nine years of education are required by law, but large majorities of the people finish high school.After they complete high school, most of the teenagers want to go to Europe or the United State to complete their higher education to have a better future.Majorities of the people are self-employed.More than eighty percent of the population is white, and less then twenty percent is gypsy.