Al Prohibition. (FBI – How the Law Finally

Al Capone, a.k.a. Scarface, was an infamous gangster from the 1920’s to
the early 30’s.His criminal career began at an early age in New York
where he was taken under the wing of another infamous gangster Johnny
Torrio. (Bardsley) Torrio left Brooklyn for the windy city; it was then
that Al Capone started to work for Frankie Yale a gangster known for his
aggressive approach in the gangster life. (Bardsley)In 1921 Capone was
called upon by Torrio and left for Chicago. (Bardsley) It was in Chicago
that Al Capone gained the power and moved up the ranks in the Chicago
underworld of prostitution, prohibition, racketeering, narcotics, and
murder. (FBI – How the Law Finally Caught Al Capone)
Johnny Torrio vast empire in Chicago consisted of nightclubs,
whorehouses, speakeasies, gambling joints, and when he retired he handed it
all to Al Capone. (Bardsley) Capone was now a major force in the Chicago
Although throughout the Al Capone’s rein as a gangster he had become
somewhat untouchable.The FBI could not touch him, the crimes that he was
involved in such as prohibition, was under the control of the Bureau of
Prohibition. (FBI – How the Law Finally Caught Al Capone)The St.
Valentine’s Day Massacre rumored to have been ordered by Capone could not
be investigated by the FBI; the murders were not a federal offense. (FBI –
How the Law Finally Caught Al Capone)
It wasn’t until 1929 that there was break in the AL Capone
investigation.Capone now lived in Florida and had been subpoenaed to
appear in front of a Chicago grand jury for prohibition charges.Capone
failed to show up claiming he was too ill. (FBI – How the Law Finally
Caught Al Capone)It was at this time that the FBI was asked to get involved
by the US Attorney. The FBI was to verify Capone’s illness, and it was determined to
be lie.Capone was cited by the Chicago Court for contempt and was
arrested in Florida. (FBI …