The space exploration nation in the world.

The United States has always had a remarkable space exploration project. We
have evolved from one-man space rockets; to seven man space shuttles (space planes).
We have also made many important discoveries and have established a lot of research in
space exploration. The U.S. is the leading space exploration nation in the world.
We have had many important flies in space, whether it is with the one-manned
rockets or the many manned shuttles that have significantly changed our perspectives.
Thefirst space exploration mission was January 31, 1958. The satellite was Explorer 1,
and it discovered the Earth's radiation belt. Thefirst man-operated rocket was launched
February 20, 1962. It contained John Glenn, and orbited the Earth three times. This flight
showed that a human could be shot into space and come back intact. These are early
important flies in the U.S.'s history.
Some of the most important explorations came with the Apollo rockets. Apollo 8
made an astonishing 10 orbits around the moon; this was thefirst rocket to ever do that.
The most memorable Apollo moment was when Apollo 11 headed for the moon. The
rocket carried Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr., and was sent to be thefirst rocket to
land on the moon and allow the astronauts walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong became the
first man to walk on the moon and he placed the US flag atop the moon.
Along with the space exploration came new discoveries. One major discovery was
the invention of the space shuttle. The space shuttle allowed many crew men to be
launched into space at a single time. It is like a space plane and makes plane like landings
on a runway instead of landing in the ocean. It has helped our space exploration in the
Thefirst space shuttle mission was launched on April 12, 1981. The shuttle was
called Columbia, and John W. Young and Robert Crippen piloted it. This flight