The Microsoft Chairman, has made the latest donation

The Monetary Value of AIDS in Africa
Countries, companies, and people are now uniting to fight AIDS, the scourge of Africa.Until recent years, Africa was a nation of death with no hope of regaining control.However in recent months, a swell of support has come to combat the AIDS/HIV struggle.Many people and the companies they work for have donated their time and money to the valiant effort.Not only that, but whole countries have brought forth their power to give money, to educate, and pay for treatment.
Millions of Dollars have been raised to fight the epidemic.Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, has made the latest donation of one hundred million dollars.This of course is pocket change to Gates who is probably worth twenty-five times that!But, a donation is a donation; no matter who the person is or how much it is worth.These particular donations have of course gone to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.Several donations of massive amounts have been flying around to help.With the Gates' one hundred million comes the US's two hundred and France's one hundred twenty-seven.All this in offerings to Africa comes to four hundred twenty-seven million.Amazingly enough, this 427 million seems to be petty cash, when care for the continent of Africa is a suggested 7 to 10 billion.All this cash will apparently pay for all needed programs for retrovirals, education, and prevention of AIDS.
However, this money is not the only form of help.Employers of South African countries like the mining company Anglo American will provide "free or deeply discounted anti-AIDS drugs to employees and their families." Many companies have followed suite because they are seeing their force dwindle more and more every year.It is believed that of Anglo American's thirty two thousand workers, one in every five carry the virus.Even at rock-bottom prices, few of the nearly five million people believed to …