Augustus’s capable administrators that he had picked

Augustus's approach to change was effective in many ways that differenced from Julie's Creaser's. He was the general who dominated the strongest army that ruled the state. Augustus saw how diverse to the Roman polity civil war was.He understood that control of the legions by the civil government was necessary for the establishment of peace and order throughout the Roman Empire.He wanted to make some gradual change to make sure it wouldn't rise again.
Augustus used a good approach when he chose to change the length of military service. The Roman legion became a specialized, long service force with an "espirit decorp" that earlier legions did not have.An officer witch Augustus personally appointed commanded to each legion, and the legionnaires pledged their allegiance to Augustus leader. Furthermore, Augustus recruited soldiers from the Roman provinces.Augustus reformed the provincial administrative system by creating a large civil service whose members came from a group of capable administrators that he had picked himself. Augustus had these new governors hold long terms of office in order to have sufficient long-term reforms.
In order to hold back corruption, Augustus saw that the governors were paid fairly for their work. Their big financial problems problem facing Augustus was how to raise money for military wages and pensions.This financial problem was solved when he obtained Egypt as his personal possession.All the wealth of Egypt went directly to the imperial treasury.Therefore, Augustus directly controlled the imperial treasury. There was reliability on Augustus that funds would be paid.He also created new taxes to boost the government’s income: a sales tax, and inheritances tax and slaves tax.
Therefore, Augustus ;gradual change; placed a big importance on the traditional religion of Rome.He believed that prosperity and peace in the state relied on