Who didn’t have to cross hot deserts,

Who would've thought that farmer's 10,000 or some odd years ago could have helped civilization to what it is today?Farming started in the near east about 10,000 years ago.It began in areas that had an abundance of food so it just came to them.Without it, civilization would not be what it is today.Agriculture led to advances such as, technology, settlement, and government.
Agriculture required you stay in one place so this meant people had to stop their nomadic ways.In order to tend their animals and crops people had to settle down. Now they didn't have to cross hot deserts, or climb steep mountains (Cereals)."The packs of hunters that had roamed about in search of game now settled in villages (Cities).Imagine what it would be like today if we were still a nomadic people.After people started settling down urbanization started to occur.Most of the early cities started out as farming towns then evolved into bigger metropolises (Cities). With more food being produced than needed the population increased greatly causing the cities to expand (Cereals).Without agriculture people wouldn't have settled in one place and none of these important things would've come to be.
Important technological advances came out of agriculture.Seeds are planted in rows and a device was needed to make theses rows.Thefirst real device used for this purpose was the digging stick.It was an approximately V-shaped piece of wood with the two sides of the V of unequal length (Cereals).This later led to the development of the plow, which is still used today.One of the main produces of agriculture is a domesticated animal like cattle.The domestication of animals started in the near east where the animals could graze on the already existing cereals (Cities).If this hadn't have been thought of back then, who knows, maybe cows would be running in the streets today?