During Restoration time period, a person can

During each period of life on the planet earth, a new idea, religion, or belief comes about.Each period is characterized by having a major idea that is shared among all that is living at the time.Writers and poets that lived in these time periods not only believed in what the others did, but wrote about their dreams and ideas they shared.The age of Romanticism was characterized as a time of love, but if a person was to examine a poem or work that was written during this time period they will realize it was not just a time of love at all.The Romantic period was gilded to be happy and peaceful, but it really was a time of revolt, world wonder, and the rejection of intellectualism.
About one hundred and fifty years before the Romantic period was the Restoration time period.Poets and writers during the time wrote in a dull style that had very little imagination.They wrote of actual occurrences and told things the way they were.Toward the end of the Restoration and into the Romantic period, writer and poets began to write creative stories and poems that seemed to contradict the literature from the time before.Poets like Coleridge would write of unusual or supernatural things, and writers like Mary Shelly who wrote the gruesome tale of Frankenstein.One example of a supernatural idea is in Frankenstein when the lead character Victor Frankenstein say's "I had glazed on him while unfinished; he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived."The poems and stories of this time are so different from the Restoration time period, a person can only fathom that the writers at the time are just revolting from the time before.The writers were just sick of the dull writing style before them and they set out to prove a point.
During the Restoration time period people did not care about the earth and