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The gender gap:that which transforms your music into noise; the thing that turns your girlfriends into whores, and your boyfriend into a punk; that which turns everything you do into a waste of time in your elders' eyes.I am going to try to shed some light on this subject.I will show that everybody, from the federal government to your family members practice at least some form of age discrimination.I will show examples of age discrimination in both directions-from young to old and old to young.
The largest proprietor of age discrimination is the federal government of the US .This manifests itself in laws passed.The government looks at age as a trait which renders a person capable of completing or handling a certain situation.We aren't allowed to drive until we're are at least 16 years of age.Anyone, with very few exceptions, over this age is allowed to drive.Now come on, how many of you have been driving or riding along in a car when all of the sudden an old lady pulls out in front of you completely oblivious to what they're doing?How is this person any more qualified to drive than most 15 year olds you know?At least the younger people can see. Another example:In order to purchase cigarettes, we must be 18 years of age.Now, I know that we go to Brebeuf and that none of us here would smoke, but how many of you have been out to eat and have seen other teenagers sitting there smoking away?This is because the government says that anyone over the age !
of 16 can smoke in a public place.So, I, being 16, am able to smoke in a restaurant without any problems, but I have to have someone older buy my cigarettes?I should have every right to give myself cancer however I want to, and not to have to involve anyone else in my suicide.The government cannot even be consistent in taking away our freedoms.This infringement also extends other places…. including our bedrooms.In order to le…