How the tragedy, and the long-term effect

How has my life changed after September 11?
"I Love New York!" Although this saying has been used for years, it has taken on even greater meaning since the events of September 11. While the tragedy of that day will always be associated with the "I Love New York!" motto, it has now come to symbolize many other things. "I Love New York!" now means "I Love America!" and maybe "I Love Freedom!"This essay will describe how I felt that day, how my life was affected by the tragedy, and the long-term effect September 11 will have on the people of New York and the United States of America.
It was a beautiful, sunny morning when all the commotion began. No one suspected that "The City That Never Sleeps" was to soon be under attack. My mother and I were having breakfast at home watching the "Today Show" when wefirst heard the news. We witnessed the World Trade Center attacks live on television, as well as reports of what had happened at the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
September 11 was like any other ordinary day in lower Manhattan. Thousands of people reported to work at the World Trade Center. Some people had an early breakfast meeting at Windows of the World Restaurant. Some were simply having coffee at their desk while checking voicemail or surfing the Internet. Others were having water-cooler conversation about the Giants' loss the previous night on Monday Night Football. Some were having tea and staring blankly at their computer screens. A few were late for work because they got stuck in heavy traffic, missed their bus or train, or forgot to set their alarm clock. For that, their lives were miraculously spared.
Watching the news that morning was unreal. When Ifirst learned that the Trade Center was on fire and an airplane had crashed into the building, I naturally thought it was a small private plane. Like many othe…