Is 690 million people in Africa, you

Is Africa a country?No, but that is was most people rush to answer, “yes!”Africa however is a continent, the second largest.Over its 11,700,000 square miles is an estimation of 690 million people.That is a whole lot of people and yet, the country still manages to be very under-developed.Within that enormous population of inhabitants, are various similar yet very different branches of people.All of which indeed have like traits and characteristics, but ‘to each is his own’- and they do all have their own little culture.The Pygmies are one of those many cultures, and are believed to be the oldest culture in Africa; they believe that they are the oldest culture in the world.
Pygmies are a very small people.Standing at the highest of 5 feet tall, and weighing around 90 lbs..They have the rest of their bodies the same size, shape, and proportion as ours.However, they do range slightly in color- from African American with red tones to yellow tones.Pygmies are gifted with an interesting trait as well; they have unusually large big toes.This is believed to be an adaptation evolved from their excessive climbing and propping themselves with their big toe and using it to clamp branches.Unlike most African tribes, the Pygmies enjoying some style to their hair.They like their hair kept close to their head, with a design or Mohawk shaving.
These Pygmies are scattered all around Africa, but seem to inhabit the Democratic Republic of Congo the most, which lies in Central Africa.There have been other groups of Pygmies in places such as South East Asia, Philippines and Congo itself.Within that sum of 690 million people in Africa, you can imagine this small culture has indeed a small number.But, the number is small but unknown.No exact numbers have been documented of indigenous people of the Pygmy culture because they change their location as a whole- over and over and over again.Their populatio…