Your African safari has been upturned. Your excursion leaves you helpless with nowhere to hide when a herd of aardvarks draws nearer by the second. Without a drink of water for days, you cannot organize your thoughts well enough to even formulate a plan. Your adrenaline rises, and instinct kicks in. You begin to run in the opposite direction in desperation, knowing that it is hopeless.
You approach a dead tree, and a light turns on. You snap off a Y-shaped branch, and place around it the rubber band that held together the pages of your safari log. You stand idle with confidence as the herd's cloud of dust closes in on you. Upon the opening of your backpack, you remove some ammunition. Unfortunately, the contents consist only of today's food supply: a small quantity of tomatoes. Today you left the carrots at the campsite. Nevertheless, you ready your slingshot with a tomato at the helm. The ground shakes under the weight of the aardvarks, and at this point their thumpings are the clearest you have heard them.
Before you get a chance to release thefirst tomato, you lose your footing on a puddle of water beneath your boots. Had you observed this puddle earlier, you would have quenched your thirst and had the strength to outrun the stampede. However, the moment your body meets the ground, an aardvark steps on your left hand and you lose grip of the slingshot. A second aardvark steps on the slingshot, snapping it in half. You give up all hope and the remaining members of the herd trounce on you to the point of your death.