Africa catching AIDS.The other problem with the

Africa by far, is struggling the worst with its on going battle with AIDS.In comparison with the rest of the world they have the largest number of infected people.Throughout the years more and more people are catching this virus and nothing seems to be getting done to prevent it.In the US as we battle with HIV and the AIDS virus there are discussion groups and early childhood classes on safe sex and how AIDS can be contracted.When the time comes that young adults are beginning to become sexually active they know the precautions they should be taking.Unlike the US Africa holds back on their teachings about sex in schools, for reasons of culture and religion they do not believe in.In 2000 the statistics on the number affected with the virus in Africa was around 23.5 in the US the numbers were slightly under one million.This raises the question what causes Africa's population to be overtaken?
I found it interesting in the article that employment rates were not close to where they should be."In South Africa, a 1996 study estimated that 52% of the 11 million people aged 16-30 were unemployed, and half of those unemployed people were classified as marginalized, with few prospects of formal sector employment."Employment plays a big role in the spreading of the virus.The fact that there is little money around and so many are without jobs leads them to think of the present instead of the future.Meaning they are more worried about housing and sex that they don't think of where they will be in ten years and the effects of catching AIDS.The other problem with the lack of money in the country is that most people are not helping to find a cure or are spending any money to help the sick.
Over the years there has been work done to lessen the affects of AIDS.In the US and in some of the other more powerful countries, millions of dollars have been put towards a cure and slowing the virus down as it…