Africa have been and are corrupt.After independence many

Africa is a country well known for its natural resources and the thirst the west has had for these resources.Some of these resources include diamonds and chromioum, gold, cobalt, uranium, phosphates, platinum, coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore and land.It also has bauxite, nickel, manganese, copper, cocoa, coffee, palm oil and wild life.
Unfortunately the world has known about Africa's natural resources for centuries, which has led to a plumage of Africa's vast resources without just compensation for Africa's societies.Such actions have led to vastly low GDP's for the majority of African countries.
Most African countries have had a problem with direct colonization and imperialism.Such elements destroyed historical forms of government, which African's already instituted prior to the precursor.Before the Europeans arrived Africans had their own bartering system utilizing gold dust, salt and cowree shells.
African's had their own system of supply and demand which were influenced by necessity, time of day, scarcity, quality of product and consumer's relationship with the seller.Surpluses were sold in village markets by bargaining.They had their own form of democracy and laws, which included an open market where they were able to trade exports.
African leaders did not rule alone – pretty much the whole village helped them to rule.The leader relied upon unwritten constitutions, customs and consulted his counsel for advice to prevent abuses of power and corruption within his cabinet.
Many modern African leaders today have been and are corrupt.After independence many African countries copied foreign styles of government they understood absolutely nothing about.Now there is no rule of law or democratization in many of these countries.Their only interest is in becoming extremely wealthy at the expense of their people and country.Some of the dictators were…