Affirmative high school students and parents. Students often

Affirmative action is an important issue to everyone today, and in light of the prevalent college hysteria, it is especially relevant to high school students and parents. Students often wonder how race weighs into the admissions process. There is the possibility of a minority student being accepted to a college based on his minority status, rather than personal merit. As a result, there is the student who is rejected because of his background as a result of the college’s effort to create a balanced class through affirmative action.Affirmative action in college admissions ridicules the value of hard working students because of one;s race. Affirmative action reaches this goal by diluting academic standards, heightening racial tensions, and by not correlating with the civil rights act.Affirmative Action is supposed to be a program designed to end racism, but it is really justifying racism by it’s own actions. Its policies totally judge people solely on skin color and gender!
. That is discrimination in itself. Discrimination is not the solution to resolving past discrimination.