Affirmative diversity,” even though she had a

Affirmative Action – "Reverse Racism?"
Affirmative action is a comprised plan created by local and state governments to "fight fire with fire." It is supposed to stop discrimination against the blacks, but at the same time is just another step back towards discrimination against the white majority. In other words, it is a plan to help minorities in getting the same privileges as the majority, mainly focused on blacks and whites. "Reverse discrimination" through affirmative action is unfair to the majority in public school admissions when it is supposed to help society.
Since the 1960's, a program called affirmative action was enacted in a few public high schools and universities throughout the states, mainly in California and Texas. It has caused a major controversy, in the fact that it uses a racial preference among admissions to these schools. When high test scores, personal merit, and leadership that a white person (majority) can accomplish are put aside to allow a minority enter the same competition (admission) just to meet a racial quota, "reverse discrimination" comes into play. It is unfair to overlook these exceptional achievements, because of a wrong historical advantage Caucasians used to have over African-Americans. Cheryl Hopwood, a University of Texas student, was one example of this action in1992. She was denied admissions to the UT Medical Law School, because of UT's dedication to keeping a "racial diversity," even though she had a higher G.P.A. then the minorities the school allowed in. Hopwood won the case with the help!
of two lawyers from the Center of Individual Rights, Michael Greve, a political scientist, and Michael McDonald, a lawyer, and was determined a landmark case for the end of "reverse racism". Racial matters are too complex for the government to control, as confirmed by the two lawyers "you have to force the…