Affirmative is a very sensitive topic that

Affirmative action in higher education should be abolished.College admissions should be based on what the admissions board is looking for, not what the government says should be required.In this paper, I will present evidence to support that position.
At one time, affirmative action was a needed and legitimate policy. Segregation has existed way too much in the past and has left people out of jobs, out of certain areas of town, and schooling.We needed to make a law that would get rid of segregation, and help everybody assimilate or just live peacefully without discrimination.When a majority the southern where rebelling and would not allow African Americans in their stores, schools, etc, affirmative action was justifiable.But is it today?
Much of the affirmative action debate is, and should be centered on education.Many of the critics whom at one time also believed that the preferential treatment shown to lower the discrimination towards minority groups is something that should be eliminated. Being that American society has become less discriminatory, affirmative action may be less necessary.Discrimination is something that will always be an issue; there will always be backwards individuals who cannot overlook their own prejudices for the greater good.However, there are fewer of these people.With declines in racism, we should also seek to eliminate the reverse racism now being displayed towards college while male applicants.
This is an issue that effects potential students, and those who get rejected merely apply to another school.How can this issue of accepting minorities over others because be brought to the attention of the lawmakers without making it seem as if there will be less opportunities for minority groups? Equality is a very sensitive topic that has to be danced around with the potential for a misconception of what is trying to be achieved.
In the early 1960’s the federal government imple…