Affiliate Two, driving quality visitors to your

Affiliate internet marketing is among the most strong ways to make
money online. An affiliate marketer is simply someone who drives
traffic to a merchant’s site and gets paid a predetermined percentage if
a sale is made. Commissions can range from as low as 5% to as high as
75% or more. A single tier commission structure pays you only once for
the sales you broker, while a multi-tier set-up also pays you a
commission on the sales made by those you’ve led to the merchant who
later become affiliates. There is also the possibility of getting a
recurring commission on a sale that requires periodic payments. Some
affiliate agreements even allow for commissions on backend sales. There
was a time, not long ago, when all it took to become a successful
internet affiliate marketing had to set up a simple AdWords campaign and
create your affiliate links the destination URL. You didn’t even need
your own website to make money. Although this avenue is increasingly
less available, there are many other ways of driving traffic to your
vendor’s site. The dream of starting an affiliate marketing home
business is alive and well. Two of the main sources of affiliate
programs are Clickbank and Commission Junction. These should be the
first two places you look for affiliate programs to join. They provide
you with all of the information that you’ll need to make an informed
choice about the best products to promote. On their site you’ll find
how much the product cost, the commission you’ll earn per sale, and how
well the product has done in the past and is currently doing. And on the
other hand, provides over 1, 800 products from which to choose and is a
lot more varied in its selection. Commission Junction has affiliate
programs that pay both for sales and leads. The keys to being a
successful affiliate marketer are, one: to diligently choose profitable
products and services to promote. Two, driving quality visitors to your
merchant’s site.