AF information warfare, and space warfare are emerging

AF 2025: Information & Space Warfare
A revolution in military affairs (RMA) is a fundamental change, or discontinuity, in the way military strategy and operations have been planned and conducted.Many specialists believe that we have been in the midst of an integrated RMA since the start of the Gulf War and that it is accelerating.New warfare areas such as dominating maneuver, long-range precision strikes, information warfare, and space warfare are emerging (Schneider and Grinter 43). As the Secretary of the Air Force, I recognize information warfare and space warfare to be the most influential in the future for deciding the outcome of wars.To have information and space superiority will be the overall priority and mission of each battle.
The United States Air Force will never sustain our information and space superiority core competencies without looking towards the future to find what needs improvement today.This VISION 2025 is the beginning step.If we know where we need to be in the future, we know how to get there in the present.
Information Warfare is becoming central to the way nations fight wars, and will be critical to Air Force operations in the 21 st century.Information warfare consists of targeting the enemy’s information and information functions, while protecting our own, with the intent of degrading his will or capability to fight ( Such actions are designed to achieve advantages over military or business adversaries. The commander with better information holds a powerful advantage over his adversary.This means, of course, that today we must invest in our people, planning, equipment, and research so our ambitions of information warfare superiority can become reality.Twenty three years from now, the Air Force will be able to quickly disrupt or destroy an adversary;s command and control system, intelligence, propaganda abilities, and general situational awareness.However, inf…