Father faith we have, we lose people.But we

Father of ours, Son of Cronos, King of Kings, I preach to you that sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people.But we never forget them.And sometimes, it's those memories that give us faith to go on.It has been twenty years since the beautiful and intelligent Penelope, the gracious daughter of Icarius, has cast her eyes upon her long lost husband.Though she has strenuously grieved over his loss, I believe it is time for someone else of equal stature of Laerte's son, favorite of yours', Odysseus, to bless this woman with the love and warmth she has long deserved.
For the truly faithful, no miracle is needed.For those who doubt, no miracle is sufficient.The divine, white-armed, Penelope has been truly loyal to her dear husband despite the continual harrying of the suitors.I must concur with you on certain aspects Zeus, Son of Cronos, King of Kings.It has been foretold that the Suitors would eventually meet their demise.This gives the possibility of the return of the Laerte's son, Odysseus.In this case, Penelope's long avid wait for the return of Odysseus would not be futile.
The day must come though where the honored wife of Leartes' son Odysseus must bid goodbye to the house which welcomed her as a bride, and bring herself to take the final step in accepting one of the Suitors for her husband.At this time the Suitors sounder scheme is to destroy Odysseus' estate and not to make restitution.The Suitors derisive speech towards Telemachus at the debate in Ithaca claimed that they will not return to their own estates, nor go anywhere else but continue to eat Telemachus out of house and home until Penelope makes her choice and marries one of the Suitors.Zeus, the Thunderer, King of Kings, before any vindictive furies result between the Suitors and Penelope, she must choose a worthy husband.
Before Odysseus, favorite of yours', master of ingenuit…