Adolf Austrian born opportunist, rose to power

Adolf Hitler
In 1939, a mighty ruler by the name of Adolf Hitler, led his powerful German army into World War II.Hitler’s square black mustache and the lock of hair that hung down on his forehead made him resemble a comic book character to some people. However, his fiery words and big blue eyes seemed to hypnotize those that listened and followed him.Hitler was a man that gave excellent speeches that would make crowds cheer, “Hell Hitler!”Hitler had a talent for making people listen and helping Germans visualize a better future.Adolf Hitler, was dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945.By the time he was defeated, Hitler had conquered most of Europe.Hitler had spread death as no man had ever done before and a rage against all alien minorities, especially the Jews.He made Germans believe that it was the Jews who were to blame for their troubles.There are different theories to why Hitler hated the Jews so much.One theory suggest, that Hitler may have had a frightful experience with one or more Jews.Another theory suggest, that Hitler may have had Jewish blood in him, a form of self-hatred that could find relief only by dominate, even destruction of the entire race.Although, Hitler was a man that encountered many conflicts in his life such as poverty, death of his parents, and not doing well in schools; Hitler became one of the most important historical figures to ever live.Many historians believe that his childhood downfalls made Hitler such a strong and powerful person.Adolf Hitler, a magnetic Austrian born opportunist, rose to power in Germany at a time of social, political, and economic chaos.Failing to take power by force in 1923, he eventually won power by democratic means.Once in power, he eliminated all oppositions and launched an ambitious program of world domination and elimination of the Jews.
Hitler’s father was Alois who was born in 183…