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Through reading this article by Admiral Stockdale, I have certainly become inspired. His perspective on life and education is most honorable. Through deprivation he has prospered, he let his intellect take over and was able to let go of a materialistic status. Which is what most Americans strive on.
Mr. Stockdale starts his article with the conviction that "the best preparation for a full and successful life, surely entails a proper blend of classical and contemporary studies." He elaborates more in the end of his article by stating a deeper perspective on education, "The challenge of education is not to prepare a person for success, but to prepare him for failure." I feel this statement is a more realistic view on how education would be more effective. If the masses of students that attend public education were enlightened to the resources they would need in time of crisis, instead of only teaching tools of success. Our American people would be more a well-rounded society. In our society people only begin to understand how to handle a
crisis after the fact. The masses of Americans are taught to only succeed for only themselves, and when a crisis or failure takes place these people are usually alone fending for themselves. A strong society needs to help it self, and not turn its head to the needy.
Mr. Stockdale refers to Homers epic, The Iliad, The scene when Hector is leaving his wife and baby son on his way to a sure death in battle. This type of selflessness and sense of duty would be looked down upon in today's American society. Instead remarks like "how dumb was he" and "I would never do that" are most likely to be heard. Mr. Stockdale was given the opportunity to leave the prison on the bases that he would disavow "American Imperialism," which is something he did not lower him self to.
The majority of the American people has never been threatened against their…