According years after the disaster. Also, referring to

According to
MeltingCoal there are many benefits to be gained by using Energy from waste.
For example, the heat and electricity can be derived from waste which provides
a substitute and more human friendly source of energy. It’s reliable and
readily availability of and its cheap cost. Also using of waste to create electricity
can helps minimize fluctuation of price. In addition, there are no broad
fluctuation and shortages. It also benefits local economy and community: As
energy from waste plants are generally setup nearby, it creates many jobs, the
local society will gain and materials are sourced locally. Waste to Energy,

However, delivery
electricity can be harmful to local wildlife. For instance, birds may fly into
power line, and this may cause in electrocution. Wind farms will also endanger
flying animals such birds and bats. I believe no power generation system is
perfect, and power plant accident can also injure animals. According to
research conducted in 2009, Chernobyl nuclear disaster resulted in less
wildlife population even in twenty years after the disaster. Also, referring to
EPA stated that some delivery generation technology, such as waste ignition,
power, and combined heat, most likely need water for steam generation or
cooling.  How
Does Electricity Affect the Environment? (n.d.). Retrieved January 22, 2018

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the system of incineration to convert solid waste is a relatively modern method
of energy to waste production. The ignition creates burning waste residual,
commercial and industrial to boil water, which powers steam generator that
create electric energy to be used in industries, businesses, and homes.
According to (Delta way) 1,000 ton-per-day energy from waste plant creates
enough electricity for more 15,000 households. In conclusion, each ton of waste
can power a household for a month. If combined with a cogeneration plant
design, waste to energy plants can, while producing electricity, also supply
heat for nearby businesses, desalination plants and other purposes