Abstract to Computer crime. Any Computer crime



paper explains about recent computer crime and its impact on the organization,
related customer data loss which lead to various scam calls and also business
activities will be halted which results in economy fall for company. Computer
crimes are different types such as software attack which may be in the form of
virus, Cyber-attack, Data Breach, Hacking sites and many more scenarios which
may lead to Computer crime. Any Computer crime is dangerous for an organization
in view of progress and customers are very much worried about their privacy.
This paper also gives detail explanation about how an organization is being
impacted and outcome from such Computer crimes. Also explains about how some
online websites target their customers with exciting promotions to capture
personal data.  

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Organization primary duty is to protect its customer data from any kind of
Computer crimes which provides faith to their customers. Now a days
Cyber-attacks are taking place predominantly because of various latest hacking
technologies which could lead to data theft depending on the type of
organization being attacked by the hackers. Social media is also a mode for
such computer crimes where internet users click some images or links without
any idea and that connects to some random sites where our private data is being
captured which is used by cyber criminals for various purposes to make profits.

types of Computer crimes which I came across are as below

1)     Data Breach:
As we know the most dangerous data breach in 2017 was Equifax Breach which
resulted in data theft for almost 143 million American consumers in the country.
As per (Seena, 2017) hackers got access to Equifax site and able to know its
customers names, Social Security Numbers, DOB and all other all personal.
Hackers might use this personal data to do some other transactions such as
applying loans, credit cards with data hacked and which impact customers in a
bad way. The main reason behind this breach as stated by (Simon, 2017) they did
a new progress update which resulted in technical difficulties and they were
supposed to apply a patch but before applying it, hackers got hold off data
related to their customers which is a very bad mark on Equifax growth. As part
of this issue, Equifax ran into so many legal issues from their customers to
whom the organization has to give a reason behind this Computer crime.

2)     Ransomware:
This a type of virus which attacks our systems via hackers breaking into our
network zones. WannaCry Ransomware is a disaster which impacted many clients
all over the globe. This virus will hack and enter into our system software
which cannot be retrieved as it holds all the business activities. Such attacks
will result in more damage to the Organization. Last year one of client who
works for Law firms is being attacked by this WannaCry Ransomware which halted
their projects progress but they have a good Incident Response Planning which
is implemented as soon as they detected this attack and it took few weeks for
them to retrieve all the data back safely without any loss. This IR plan helped
in their continuity of business activities regardless of such Ransomware
Computer crimes. As mentioned by (Russell, 2017) this WannaCry Ransomware attack
had a greater impact throughout Europe and Ukraine. Some business areas such as
Airlines, Banking and Medical utilities which impacted its customers.

3)     Website Attacks:
Few companies targeted internet users for making profits without any idea how
people are getting cheated and lost their private data to such companies. As
stated by (Paul, 2018) one of leading online payment company in china has
started program known as “Sesame Credit”. People are automatically enrolled
into such program through social media as means of source to reach many people
in the country. They posted many exciting offers on the social media, people as
soon as see such kind of programs they click a line in small font which says
that user has agreed to terms and conditions which are hidden under that small
font line. There is toggle which makes them to auto enroll in the “Sesame
Credit” program. Through this program hackers were able to get all the personal
data related to that Internet users which is available on their social sites.

This is most likely data theft of individual who has
gone through such promotions on social media and this makes them to share those
promotions on social media. Another company head commented saying there is no
privacy and information these days as every camera on the street is watching
the public. I feel very bad after reading such comparison as this could lead to
many cyber-attacks which could results in many risks to the public and also

Impact of Computer Crime:
Computer crime has a wide impact on any organization whether it may be a data breach,
cyber-attack, Ransomware attack or some other computer crime which will reduce
its customers and results in income loss to the organization. Few examples for
such crimes are Yahoo accounts hacked as result all the account holder names
email ids and passwords are being known to hackers which is not a good sign of
progress for both Yahoo and account holders. Bank accounts undergone cyber-crime
which resulted in data loss of customers such as Account Numbers, Names,
Savings and Address. Security policies should be updated regularly in order to
overcome all this kind of Computer crimes.













Conclusion: As
I explained above three types of Computer crimes are which impact business
activities and also its progress. In order to stable with all this attacks,
every organization should have an Incident Response Planning team who can
participate in both making security policies and also in good IR plan which
would be helpful when there is any disaster in the organization.