Abstract—A differ depending on the extent of the


Abstract—A commonly known 
color blind  type of vision defect
in our eyeball  is Color vision
deficiency (CVD) . It is caused due to the defecation in our eyeball, which are
either the defects or completely missing of certain photoreceptors. Because of
that, color with certain spectrum is unable to be detected by the
photoreceptors causing the color of the image saw with the eyes is different from
the real color. For example, a red object might appear as yellow for red green
color blind’s people 1, 2. Furthermore, based on global statistics, roughly 1
in 10 men are either fully or partly color blind. In fact, the most common type
of color deficiency is protanopia for red-weakness and deuteranopia for green
weak. Individuals who suffered from these two types of color deficiency had
very hard time to distinguish between red and green color. This cause them a
lots of trouble when choosing clothes, differentiating red and green light on a
traffic light, acquiring a driving license or even taking some courses in
university, etc. The objectives of this proposed approach are to provide a flexible framework for allowing scientists to test
different hypotheses about color vision models
and to test the plausibility of the three most
accepted hypotheses for the causes of dichromatic vision.


Keywords— Anomalous
trichromacy, backlight control, color blindness, color vision deficiency (CVD),
daltonism, deuteranomaly, LCD, protanomaly.

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There are a significant number of people with CVD, the severity of
each person’s impairment may differ depending on the extent of the shift in the
wavelength of color distinction. The shift of more than 20 nm in spectral
response of a cone is essentially equivalent to the complete blindness in the
color that is received by that specific cone. CVD is a common among human
population as seen in Table 1 2, 3. Although CVD is a common disability
among the human population as seen in Table 1, there are lots of issues
resulting from color blindness. It may affect ones career for example, in
Japan, color blind people are excluded from a number of careers.Also, in some
countries people with CVD are not allowed to drive because severe CVD prevents
them from distinguishing different colors on the traffic light.