Abigail to his “duty” to the Nation, would

Abigail Adams was a women of a unique personality . She was an intellectual becauseshe wanted to have aneducation and demonstrated the desire to learn. As a mother, she passionately cared for her children during periods of disease and poor health that surround the country, that threatened her own life as well as others. As a wife, she stood by her husband during the early years of his political career when he often left her alone to care for their land and family. These roles illustrate her personality, and were especially evident during the presidency of her husband, John Adams. She was always her husband's number one supporter. Throughout the biography, Abigail Adams – An American Woman, Charles Akers describes a strong modern women who had an impact on American Society and women's right.
At age 15 Abigail met the man whose frequent absences, due to his "duty" to the Nation, would oblige her to exclaim she was "bereft of my better half". During their four years of evolution from acquaintance, to friendship, to courtship, to engagement, and finally to marriage, John Adams could not resist the respect developed in him for her intellect, outspokenness- yet not overstepping the boundaries a woman at her time had in relation to a male, and acute point of views. John and Abigail married in the fall of 1764, and soon after that their lives began a journey of loneliness due to the demands that public service placed on him and his family, and the lack of hesitance with which he responded.
During John's absences, Abigail earned his love, respect, admiration and consideration even more so, as he considered her husbandry in the care of their property, their children and their overall affairs at home. John did not necessarily applaud her increasing dependency and freedom in speaking her mind, but did not, however, discourage it. She would become his dearest