Abraham Illinois Legislature and served a four-year term.

Abraham Lincoln was assuredly one of the greatest presidents in American history. This is demonstrated by his persistence and determination, his effective administration during the Civil War, the creation of policies that benefited everyone in the United States, and the efforts that kept the United States from splintering during the Civil War and from its aftermath.
The life of Abraham Lincoln illustrates what great character and leadership can do for a country. Lincoln refused to let the poverty and hardships of his childhood deprive him of a successful life. Even though he had less than one year of formal schooling, he gave himself an education, which more than prepared him for the nations highest position, the Presidency.
And since this ambitious young lawyer had a very strong desire to make a difference, he entered politics and finished eighth out of thirteen in a race for the Illinois House of Representatives in August 1832. Abraham believed the government should be a positive force with the purpose of serving the people. He thought in order for him to have a significant influence on the government, and to have the most impact, he must achieve a high position in the government. And that included the position of the president of the United States, which, eventually, became his burning desire.
In 1834, while practicing law in the law firm that he established with various partners, he ran for and won a seat in the Illinois Legislature and served a four-year term. And very quickly he gained and developed a reputation for being a capable and honest politician. Over the next decade, he experienced numerous business and political setbacks. But, unlike most people, he didn’t let any of these challenges discourage him from going after his aspirations. In 1836, Lincoln won election to Congress.Abraham took the next five years off politics and focused on his law practice. Again, he encountered numerous business setbacks and chall…