Abraham in to Thomas and Nancy, grew up

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War America
Abraham Lincoln is one of the most historic figures in American history.Lincoln's personality and background allowed him to be a "great" man which allowed him to be a great President.William Gienapp's, Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America is an accurate portrayal of Abraham Lincoln's life and personality. Lincoln's down to earth personality and ability to please a crowd with his stories and jokes made him a successful lawyer and politician. Lincoln who was calm, fair minded, and patient arose from a humble childhood to become a popular public figure.
Lincoln, who was born in to Thomas and Nancy, grew up with very little education.Lincoln mostly taught himself by reading any books he could get his hands on, and strived for self improvement.Abraham was raised on a farm, and spoke little about his childhood, "He was also embarrassed by his crude family background" (page1).Abraham and his father often disagreed, especially with Abraham and his constant reading.Abe often read books instead of doing his chores around the house which made him seem lazy, and which sometimes got him a slashing.Both Abe and his father were alike because they looked to improve their lives.Father and son both agreed that if you worked, you could gain self improvement."Thomas Lincoln with his indifference to education, erratic work habits, limited ambition, agrarian outlook, and leisurely lifestyle, belonged to the premodern world" while Abraham was ambitious and was self disciplined (page 10). The negative image Abraham received from his father was his motive to become a more prominent person.
Lincoln ability to talk to a crowd made him a respected citizen, lawyer, and politician. Abraham had a way with words that made him appeal to the "regular Joe," people could understand him, and he soon gained a reputation for being a great story …